Epoxy Floors Texas

Turn Basement Floors into Epoxy Floors Texas Style

An epoxy floor just might be able to fix a host of problems with a basement. In particular, old homes would benefit from certain epoxy solutions. Many older homes have tiled floors. Those tiles don't last forever though.

Tiled Floor Mishaps

Tiled floors are glued to the concrete of a basement floor. A second layer could consist of tiles glued on top of other tiles. For years, the tiles may remain in place with no problems. As the glue weakens over the years, the tiles come loose. Tiles could even break apart due to age. The end result could be a disaster situation with the floor. Various broken tiles, several layers of them, are intertwined with the concrete floor underneath it. The concrete floor might not even be in great condition. Cracks in the concrete or an uneven surface could ruin appearances. A decent epoxy floor coating could restore the look of the basement back to acceptable levels.

A Bit of Work Required

Simply pouring and "painting" epoxy over a damaged basement floor is not going to be enough to improve looks. The tiles have to be torn up and scraped away. There may be some uneven aspects to the cement floor. Those uneven sections do have to be smoothed out. If not, the imperfections will show under the epoxy.

A Professional Crew

Bringing in a professional crew to perform the epoxy floors texas jobs is the wisest plan. The professionals are capable of doing the complete and total work necessary to make the basement floor look pristine or as close to it as possible. With the right people on the job, epoxy work will be flawless. 

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